ControliQ Products


ControliQ is a cold chain shipping system designed just for you. By understanding your needs, we can customize a solution that will deliver the results you need.




Integritemp’s ControliQ shipping coolers remain a reliable and economical choice for shipping all types of perishable materials. Molded out of quality expanded polystyrene, Integritemp does not use fillers or regrind materials that can contaminate or compromise the strength and insulative effectiveness of our shipping containers. We also believe EPS foam is an ecologically sensible solution for those companies needing to distribute their temperature-sensitive products in a cost-effective manner.

  • EPS foam is the best economical choice when you need to send temperature sensitive products
  • Integritemp has more than 400 size combinations to meet any need
  • Can also handle a customized solution if needed
  • Ability to add your logo to the lid
  • Generic or customized cardboard boxes can be added
  • Click on the above EPS Cooler Quick Search button to determine the size you need

Did you know that EPS coolers are recyclable?

You read that right. EPS coolers are recyclable. And we are one of the driving forces behind that effort, as we are one of only 30 companies in the United States that are a mail-back recycling sites. Let us know how we can help you start a recycling program with your customers.






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