Fast Pack Coolers

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This six-panel liner set offers all four side panels, with wedge cut and taped reinforced corners, as one contiguous part. These in turn set into recessed grooves cut around the outer edges of the top and bottom panels. By reducing the gaps and cracks normally associated with other forms of six-panel construction, the collapsible cooler design can substantially increase overall thermal performance. The three-piece design can also speed assembly while still offering the benefits of space savings in both storage and transport.

Foam panel sets are custom cut to suit the size, thickness and density requirements of each customer.

Hot Wire-Cut Foam Uses


Hot wire-cut liner sets can sometimes act as a cost-saving option for shipping less temperature-sensitive materials. these types of containers usually offer a shorter transit life than our standard molded coolers. Keep in mind that while you may save on the packing material, you may spend more on either the additional coolant, the labor costs to assemble the panels in boxes, or both.

Panels can be sized to fit nearly any container’s shape or dimensions and even cut to surround an entire pallet of product. EPS panel liners are often ideal for large and irregular sized payloads, especially if they are short-term projects that would be impossible or impractical to mold. Because the panels are generally shipped flat, they also tend to conserve storage space. IntegriTemp can custom-fit to an existing container already in use by a customer or source and supply an entire system to suite virtually any need.

Various sizes and densities of foam can also be used as spacers and protective packaging for a wide range of fragile and perishable products. Simple EPS blocks can provide a permanent and economical situational solution, especially when volumes are small, or act as a temporary measure until longer-term solutions can be devised. For more complex applications, these shapes can be incorporated with corrugated cardboard boxes and other materials to form a comprehensive packaging design, or engineered as a singular solution.

Contact one of our experienced packaging specialists and they can review options and help direct your project to its most workable and economical solution.


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