Custom Protective Packaging

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IntegriTemp’s parent company, Plastilite Corporation, has been an innovator in developing protective packaging since the 1960s, when it began making custom-molded foam trays for radios. Today, EPS molded foam remains a viable and cost-effective option for any number of products, including heavy industrial parts or finished goods, fragile glass bottles and ceramics and electronics. EPS foam is also ideal for components in integrated transport and storage systems. Lightweight and economical, EPS molded foam is the optimum material to protect and insulate in a broad range of applications.

Stock EPS Protective Packaging Accessories

IntegriTemp also offers a wide range of stock EPS molded parts that can be used as spacers to cushion the corners and edges of virtually any product. Whether your products are small and fragile or large and bulky, we likely have the appropriate stock pads to do the job. Contact our industrial staff to see if IntegriTemp can recommend a stock or custom solution to meet your special needs.

Hot Wire-Cut Liners

Hot wire-cut liner sets can sometimes act as a cost-saving option for shipping less temperature-sensitive materials. These types of containers usually offer a shorter transit life than our standard molded coolers. Keep in mind that while you may save on the packing material, you may spend more on either the additional coolant, the labor costs to assemble the panels in boxes, or both.



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