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Medical & Pharma Solutions

Shipping medicine properly can be a matter of life
or death. Integritemp’s cold chain shipping experts
will help you find or develop the perfect solution
for your medical and pharma needs.

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Food Shipping Solutions

Keep your fruits, vegetables, meats and
fish fresher for longer when you use an EPS
foam solution to transport your food. Start
searching for your solution now.

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Animal Health

Whether you are shipping vaccines or pet food,
Integritemp has a variety of thin and thick walled
insulated shipping coolers to match your specifc needs.

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Cold Chain
Shipping Solutions

When Time & Temperature are
Mission Critical

Equine & Swine
Artificial Insemination Solutions

Offering a variety of shipping coolers to transport
temperature sensitive semen of equine and swine.
Integritemp provides custom solutions.

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With REFOAM you don’t have to change what already works in order to be environmentally responsible!

REFOAM does not attempt to re-invent the wheel, but it does modernize EPS foam to suit a more ecologically aware world.  EPS has long been the affordable standard bearer of protective and insulative packaging, and educational efforts continue to help make the public better aware of its recyclability.  Oxo biodegradable REFOAM maintains these same great qualities while offering the additional environmental safeguard of being able to oxidize and biodegrade when recycling is not a practical option.  And if disposed of carelessly, forces of nature such as sunlight, moisture, and heat will accelerate the degradation process to limit long term and unsightly effects on the environment.

Integritemp – Cold Chain Packaging Solutions

Rely on us to protect your temperature sensitive products

For nearly 60 years, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical, biological, food and other perishables have called on Integritemp (Plastilite) to design proven, thermally protective packaging systems for their temperature sensitive products.  Our packaging systems are designed around our vast ControliQ products.  Our systems have been proven in the field and in our ISTA certified testing labs.   Our ControliQ products include our molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulated shipping coolers, Fast Pack cut foam liner sets, corrugated boxes, gel ice packs, moisture absorbent gel packs, ice bricks, and Thermalast thermal liner bags.  And now Integritemp is excited to be offering our breakthrough earth friendly and oxo biodegradable insulated foam shipping cooler… REFOAM!  This green environmentally-friendly cooler is still as reliable and economical as our proven white coolers!

EPS Recycling Efforts

Recycling is important to Integritemp and our parent company, Plastilite. That’s why we recycle 100% of our scrap EPS material. And we’ve taken it a step further, by offering a public drop-off bin at our warehouse location. We are one of 30 companies in the United States that are a mail-back site.

24/7Plastilite – Main Office – Drop Box 4930 Battlefield Dr Omaha NE 68152 EPS foam coolers & protective packaging