Animal Artifical Insemination Shipping Solutions

Animal and Veterinary Health Solutions

Animals are an integral part of our lives, whether they are pets and part of the family, or families depend on them for their livelihood. Either way, our animal health division helps to make sure critical packages make it to their destinations. And with our exclusive ControliQ shipping system, we can design a customized solution for you.

IntegriTemp has also developed a number of specialty insulated shipping containers to service the needs of the Equine and Swine artificial insemination industries. Thousands of our market-specific transporters are used each year to transfer semen for breeding or general reproduction purposes throughout the US and Canada.

EquiSaver and EquiSure 

Lab tested and real world proven, IntegriTemp’s EquiSaver and EquiSure are the equine industry’s leading semen shippers. Whether you need the 24-hour quick ship of the EquiSaver, or a longer time span with the EquiSure, there is a reason why people choose us.


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Swine Shipping Solutions 

For optimum temperature control and protection of your swine semen shipments, IntegriTemp offers a variety of double-walled combo coolers. 


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