EquiSaver & EquiSure

Equine Semen Shipping Coolers

IntegriTemp’s Equine Semen Transporters set the standard for effective, user-friendly and economical shipping of cooled equine semen. You can ship confidently, knowing that all models have been rigorously tested, have a generously sized coolant pack and are made by a company that has more than 50 years of experience in the insulated packaging industry.

Our versatile clamshell payload tray accommodates either jars or 60 cc syringes, and the built-in carrying handle provides a level of convenience not found in most other shippers. Our EquiSaver and EquiSure’s superior performance means that you can avoid the expense of lost shipments while benefiting from its outstanding reputation within the equine A.I. industry.


EquiSaver Disposable Shipper

This is the industry’s newest shipper! Designed from the ground up, the ControliQ EquiSaver has many features not seen in any other disposable shippers. It has a smaller dimensional weight, which means you can save up to $10 when you ship it. It’s also been lab tested to outperform the competition in any of the four seasons. It also comes standard with our ControliQ ThermaLast bag, not to mention our ultra-insulating box liner made from biodegradable recycled cotton textile fibers. 

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EquiSure Disposable Shipper (The Same EST You Know and Love)

When you need just a little more time in shipping your samples, that’s where the ControliQ EquiSure disposable shipper comes in. Designed to keep shipments cool for up to 60 hours, this shipper uses an insulating EPS foam cooler, a 64 oz. coolant brick and a ControliQ ThermaLast bag. This is the same EST you are familiar with, we’ve just changed the look.  

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EquiSure Hard Case Reusable Shipper

This is the top of the line in semen shippers! IntegriTemp’s ControliQ EquiSure hard case reusable shipper includes the same great features as the EquiSure disposable shipper, but in a lockable, double-walled polyethylene container. This means that you can use it for years come, and you only need to replace the internal components every so often.



Breeder’s Choice

IntegriTemp is proud to announce that Breeder’s Choice is our exclusive partner in offering all of our equine semen shippers. For pricing and ordering information, please visit them at www.breederschoiceonline.com, or call them at (248) 299-4677.

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