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Recycle EPS Foam

Want to know how and where to recycle EPS foam and REFOAM?

Recycling EPS Foam & REFOAM

At Ingetritemp, we are proud to create recyclable packaging. Many of our customers aren’t aware that expanded polystyrene (EPS foam, or as it is called Styrofoam) is recyclable – nor that it is being successfully recycled by businesses and consumers throughout the United States.

Did you know? EPS foam is:

  • 98% Air
  • Non-Toxic
  • 100% Recyclabled

How To Prepare your EPS Foam Cooler

Before you recycle your EPS foam:

  • Clear your approved EPS container of tape, loose parts, etc.
  • Ensure that your EPS container is completely empty
  • You can break down the EPS, fitting more into your mail package
  • If you’re shipping an EPS biomedical cooler, tape the top and bottom together, then apply shipping labels and postage directly to the cooler

Items that can’t be recycled with EPS foam packaging: 

  • Disposable food items like meat trays or egg cartons will not be accepted
  • Foam packing peanuts are not recyclable

What expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam does Plastilite accept & how do I know if what I have is recyclable? 

  • Plastilite can recycle most white foam items that have the #6 recycling symbol on the material. However, not all EPS has the #6 recycling symbol. EPS is a rigid foam and our rule is: IF IT BENDS, IT’S NOT OUR FRIEND.

Download our EPS Recycling Tips sheet

Drop Off Your EPS Foam Cooler

More than 118 million pounds of EPS was recycled in 2016. Will you participate? There are many locations throughout the Unites States that will take your EPS foam cooler and recycle it. Click the button to find the closest location to your home or office.

If you are in the Omaha, Nebraska, area, you can drop off your EPS foam at our warehouse in our special recycle bin. Visit us at 4930 Battlefield Drive. Click here for a map of our location.

Mail Back Your EPS Foam Cooler

Don’t forget that you can also mail your EPS materials back to us should you not be near a recycling facility. As one of 30 EPS foam mail-back sites in the United States, Plastilite is proud to do our part in caring for the environment. If you would like to mail us your EPS materials, please send it to:

ATTN: EPS Recycling, Plastilite Corporation, 4930 Battlefield Drive, Omaha, NE 68152.

Gel Ice Pack Disposal

Need information on the proper way to dispose of your gel ice packs?

Recommended Disposal of ControliQ Gel Ice Packs, MAG Packs, and Ice Bricks

  • Though all of these products are generally intended for one time usage, they can certainly be reused if not significantly damaged or leaking.
  • The fill material used in the Gel Packs and MAG Packs is considered non-toxic and commonly used in such things as baby diapers and agricultural applications for moisture retention of  soil.It is safe to dispose of in normal municipal waste streams barring local restrictions. It should never be disposed of down a sink,drain, or toilet as it is prone to clogging pipes.
  • The foam inside the bricks also has similar potential soil applications as the gel, and is safe to dispose of in traditional waste streams unless local restrictions apply.
  • Bags emptied of contents and cleaned are recyclable as LDPE #4 plastic (the same material commonly used in grocery bags), and can be taken wherever these materials are locally collected.
  • Even though these products are considered to be non-toxic, care should be taken to restrict access from children and pets.Consumption can present a choking hazard or even result in precautionary medical attention for the ingestion of substantial amounts.

Download our Recommended Ice Pack Disposal information




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