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ControliQ ThermaLast Bags and the ControliQ packaging system designed by IntegriTemp offers what all temperature sensitive product shippers strive for – more protection and less cost. ThermaLast Bags when used in conjunction with Plastilite’s EPS foam containers result in a package offering, on average, 25% more protection than EPS containers alone.
Internal and independent testing show ThermaLast Bags to be as effective in use with dry ice or frozen gel packs. The shipper may also opt to reduce coolant shipping weight by 25% without performance loss.

ThermaLast Bags offer affordable added protection without the downsides of high shipping expense and large storage requirements normally associated with insulative materials. Start calculating your savings now for shipping charges, coolant expenses, storage space, and more.

Place ControliQ ThermaLast Bags inside coolers and load with product and coolant inside the bag. We recommend that ice packs be placed on top of your product. Dry ice, however, has the advantage of being able to be used on top or underneath a payload, depending on the desired effect.

ThermaLast Bag Sizes

Stock #Size (L x H)Quantity
TB16X1516″ x 15″250
TB22X1522″ x 15″250
TB17X2017″ x 20″250
TB22X2022″ x 20″250
TB32X2032″ x 20″250
TB25X2525″ x 25″250
TB33X2533″ x 25″250
TB41X2541″ x 25″150
TB30X3230″ x 32″250
TB41X3241″ x 32″150
TB48X3248″ x 32″100

How to determine your bag size

For minimum fit requirements, add a container’s internal length plus
width, plus 2” to come up with a bag width, then take the interior width plus depth plus 2” for the a bag height. For a loose-fitting bag that is easier to pack out, use the same method with external dimensions alone.

Note that the bags do not need to be sealed; simply fold over the product before the lid is put in place.