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Shipping Coolers

IntegriTemp’s ControliQ shipping coolers remain a reliable and economical choice for shipping all types of perishable materials.

Gel Ice Packs

Available in a wide assortment of sizes, these easy-to-use Gel Packs are not only reusable but also non-toxic.

Ice Brick

Our ControliQ Ice Brick are vacuum fit for increased dimensional stability when frozen, reusable, and non-toxic

Fast Pack Coolers

This six-panel liner set offers all four side panels, with wedge cut and taped reinforced corners, as one contiguous part.

Custom and Protective Packaging

IntegriTemp’s parent company, Plastilite Corporation, has been an innovator in developing protective packaging since the 1960s, when it began making custom-molded foam trays for radios.

ThermaLast Bags

ControliQ ThermaLast Bags offer what all temperature sensitive product shippers strive for – more protection and less cost.

Testing Lab

As a 7D certified ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) testing lab for thermal studies, IntegriTemp’s ControliQ Testing Lab can both develop a packaging system and offer support data to verify its effectiveness.


Integritemp’s ControliQ is proud to announce it’s new oxo biodegradeable shipping cooler that will be available in 2019!