Gel Ice Pack Disposal

How to Dispose of Your Gel Ice Packs

Recommended Disposal of ControliQ Gel Packs, MAG Packs, and Ice Bricks

  • Though all of these products are generally intended for one time usage, they can certainly be reused if not significantly damaged or leaking.
  • The fill material used in the Gel Packs and MAG Packs is considered non-toxic and commonly used in such things as baby diapers and agricultural applications for moisture retention of  soil.It is safe to dispose of in normal municipal waste streams barring local restrictions. It should never be disposed of down a sink,drain, or toilet as it is prone to clogging pipes.
  • The foam inside the bricks also has similar potential soil applications as the gel, and is safe to dispose of in traditional waste streams unless local restrictions apply.
  • Bags emptied of contents and cleaned are recyclable as LDPE #4 plastic (the same material commonly used in grocery bags), and can be taken wherever these materials are locally collected.
  • Even though these products are considered to be non-toxic, care should be taken to restrict access from children and pets.Consumption can present a choking hazard or even result in precautionary medical attention for the ingestion of substantial amounts.


Download our Recommended Ice Pack Disposal information here


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