Foaming at the Mouth - Edition 5

July 10, 2024

Earlier this month I exhibited at the annual World Pork Expo (WPX) in Des Moines, Iowa. This expo is targeted at all things PIG! Everyone involved in the pork industry looks forward to the WPX to learn the latest trends in their industry and network with colleagues and suppliers.


What does Plastilite/Integritemp have to offer the pork industry?

·       Our insulating packaging helps bring new piglets into the world.

·       It also protects frozen pork shipments from producer to consumer.

·       Overall, we offer the industry a proven track record, innovative solutions, and top-notch customer service.


Highly sensitive shipments of artificial insemination materials are shipped in our proven EPS foam coolers for pig reproduction purposes. Failure is not an option for these types of shipments. As a result, the pork industry has relied on our insulating packaging for upwards of four decades!


I met with one of our pig artificial insemination customers at this year’s WPX and learned some interesting news. They are feeling a corporate push to “go eco” for their packaging materials. After four decades of proven performance with EPS foam, this customer made a move to shipping in a cellulose fiber insulation protected package deemed “eco-friendly”. Was this the end of an era for EPS foam!? 


The short answer….NO!


Remember my statement above that package failure was not an option for valuable artificial insemination material shipments? The eco-friendly packaging option proved problematic. Failed shipments led to lost pig reproduction and escalating costs.


Let’s jump to the happy ending for this customer. They are now using our REfoam biodegradable EPS foam coolers. With REfoam, they can “go eco” goals while achieving the same proven superior protection of EPS for their valuable shipments.  If you wish to go eco, then go REfoam! 


Please watch for next month’s blog where I will continue our conversation with more facts, figures, and good news about EPS foam! 


Greg Montgomery 

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