What exactly is a Thermalast Bag?

Thermalast Bags

Are our Thermalast bags, the solution for your failing insulated package or for trimming back those increased shipping costs?  If you are one of Integritemp’s many Thermalast bag customers, you know the answer is a resounding… YES!  If you are not currently utilizing a Thermalast bag to increase performance or cut costs, then please read on to learn more about this innovative product.

What exactly is a Thermalast Bag?

Thermalast is a simple yet effective additional layer of thermal protection for your insulating shipping cooler.  Add the Thermalast Bag as a liner inside an existing foam cooler, and the metalized poly film acts to reflect radiant heat away from your temperature sensitive payload while also holding in the chilled air by blocking air movement.  You load your product payload and coolant material in the bag, and simply flap down the bag and tuck it closed.  Add a piece of poly tape if desired for extra closure assurance.  You have now taken a foam cooler with excellent conductive heat protection, and added radiant heat reflectivity and vapor barrier protection.  Three layers of protection for your valuable product payload.

How do you quantify the benefits Thermalast offers?

Testing by Integritemp, combined with feedback from customers, indicates that an EPS foam cooler lined with a Thermalast bag will perform on average 25-30% better than without.  This shows the power of reflecting the attacking radiant heat, and sealing in the cooled air.  The 25-30% extended performance may allow you that extra protection you need to survive the extreme summer heat.  It may allow that extra day you need in transit to save shipping cost.  It may allow you to continue your current shipping speed, but with less coolant mass.  And with less coolant mass you may be able to shrink your cooler.  By shrinking your cooler you will shrink the dimensional weight you are paying to ship the package.  Are you getting the picture here?  So many ways that Thermalast can benefit your shipping system.  Take your pick….which one eases your pain?

Can I use Thermalast as a standalone insulated package?

We designed Thermalast to be a liner inside of a foam cooler, but for less temperature sensitive products with higher safe temperature limits such as candy and chocolates, the Thermalast can protect adequately when combined with proper coolant and shipped for 1-2 days maximum transit period.

What else do I need to know about Thermalast bags?

  • Thermalast bags are approximately 2mil thick offering the benefits outlined above.
  • A pallet holds from 4500-7500 bags, putting no stress on your warehouse space. Thermalast bags sell by the case, if that’s all you need (100-250 bags/cs).
  • Adding a Thermalast bag to your existing cooler only adds a couple ounces of weight without reducing your payload space beyond the 2 mil thickness of the film.
  • Integritemp offers 11 sizes to fit most foam coolers available on the market.
  • Pick a size large enough to wrap around your cooler/box for easy payload and coolant loading.

I am interested in Thermalast to protect my products….what’s my next step?

Please contact our expert sales team to discuss your interest in Thermalast bags.  Call 800-228-9506 or email info@integritemp.com.  We will assist in determining the best bag for your project and offer samples for your approval.  Testing is highly recommended to prove the performance & benefits you will receive from Thermalast.

You will soon know if Thermalast is the solution you have been searching for.