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What’s up with this REFOAM?!

REFOAM What’s up with this REFOAM?! Before we delve into exactly what REFOAM is all about, let me ask you a couple questions…. Are you happy with the proven, consistent performance of your EPS foam insulating or cushioning packaging? Are the economics of EPS foam a boost to your bottom line? Are forces in the...

April 22, 2019April 22, 2019by

Ice Packs vs. Dry Ice

Ice Packs vs. Dry Ice Which should I be using when shipping perishables? First of all what are the characteristics of Dry Ice? Dry ice is formed by putting CO2 gas under pressure.  The resulting material is a frozen solid that in this state is -78.5 C or -109.3 F.  The product is typically available...

February 4, 2019February 5, 2019by

What exactly is a Thermalast Bag?

Thermalast Bags Are our Thermalast bags, the solution for your failing insulated package or for trimming back those increased shipping costs?  If you are one of Integritemp’s many Thermalast bag customers, you know the answer is a resounding… YES!  If you are not currently utilizing a Thermalast bag to increase performance or cut costs, then please...

January 15, 2019February 8, 2019by